Monday, September 13, 2010

Microeconomics Could Serve You Well

Well, it looks like many small towns and communities throughout the United States now take bull by the horns, and work with associations of local economic development, city analysts, and trading rooms. They want to get their economy cooking again, and they are tired sigh and moan, and complain about the global economic downturn, the price of real estat, and all the "For Rent signs" in the center of the shopping-center business is no longer in LB.

City government know they need the tax receipt to those small businesses want less regulation, and those who wish to work openly. But before you go and join one of the organizations or start installing two cents, I believe you need to know a little about the micro economy. Now, you may be able to go online, or go to the bookstore and take a book on the topic. However, if you really want to learn the basic principles of micro economics, I suggest you read some of the older text books until you have a good working knowledge base.

I realize of course many who have not read the book since economics courses or high school, but when you pull out one of your old text books, or can go online and buy a micro-economic books to help you refresh your memory. Let me suggest a few books as I have in my personal library has helped me very much, not only with the knowledge of my own personal work, and my writing, but also my ability to describe the micro economy to others when I was sitting at the Symposium , conference, or talk with other business leaders;

1. "Micro Economics," by Edwin G. Dolan and Lindsay D. David, 1986
2. "Micro Economic Theory," by Dominick Salvatore, 1974

Of course, I recommend two books, or books like them. Many of the books of the new economy is too politically correct, and a little bit tired in their view of capitalism. Capitalism and free market system is very simple and at the micro economic level you can see the things that happen in real-time, as long as you understand what's happening, you can help increase sales, increase income tax, and get your city moving again . Please consider this.

Lance Winslow is the founder retired from Nationwide Franchise Chain, and now run line Think Tank. Lance Winslow believes the U.S. economy.

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